Tuesday, 29 September 2015

New Lingerie Label from New Zealand: Lonely Lingerie carries sizes 30-36, B-E

As a member of the bra fitting community, I feel that over time the public is becoming more and more aware of the "bra matrix" and how to break out of it. I feel very lucky to live in a part of the world where non-matrix sized lingerie is increasingly easier to buy both at brick-and-mortar retailers and online. However, for those of us who do not live in Europe/North America, buying non-matrix sized lingerie is still tough. US, Canadian, and European online retailers ship to most countries around the world but expensive shipping costs and long wait times often keep customers in other parts of the world from fully breaking out of the matrix. In steps Lonely Lingerie, a new label from New Zealand. Their styles come in band sizes 30-36, cup sizes B-E and are available at a variety of New Zealand and Australian brick-and-mortar stores. They are also building up an impressive collection of stockists in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Japan. I looked around their site and found this beauty:

I love how their collection has a good mix of traditional underwire bras, soft cup bras (wireless), and longline bras (which they market as 'midline'). I also like how their marketing and artistic direction stay away from the in-your-face sexuality and glamour that most mainstream lingerie brands like to take. Prices are ever-so-slightly on the high side; bras range from $75 - $109 NZD which translates into $50 - $70 USD. If this collection ever comes to a brick-and-mortar store near me I will be tempted to try it.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Cleo Koko Flirty - A Review

Review of the Cleo Koko Flirty Bra

As I foretold in my previous post I was looking forward to ordering the Cleo Koko Flirty. I ordered it about 12 days ago and it has finally arrived! It is just as awesome and exciting as its clone, the Cleo Neve.

Band Size: Unlike the Neve, the Neve Strapless, and the Koko Icon, this bra runs way large in the band. It is a 30D bra that stretches all the way out to 34"! 

Cup Size: Like the Cleo Neve, the Koko Flirty runs true to size in the cup.

Cup Shape: This bra is just like the Neve in terms of shape. Sometimes, bras of the similar cuts are ever so slightly different in shape. Not so with the Neve and the Koko Flirty. They feel exactly the same to me.

Cup Spacing and Center Gore: This bra has a low gore and the cups are slightly further apart than the ones on the Neve.

Color: I thought that teal would be a great color for me. It's not a bad color, but it was not amazing like the Neve in Coral was.

Straps: Straps are the same length as the ones on the Neve. If you are short and have a proportionately sized torso you will be fine. If you are tall and have a proportionately sized torso you might wanna pass on this bra. 

Verdict: 100%. I am very happy. Go for for this bra if you have shallow, broad rooted, tall rooted breasts that are not too far apart nor too close together. Avoid if you are super tall and/or have a long torso.

I would like to add that this will be the last Cleo bra review I do in a long time. I saw the new collections for AW 2015 and SS 2016 and was not impressed by their offerings. This was the final Cleo bra that I wanted, so it is now time for a short break from Cleo and from bra reviews in general. Sometime later this autumn I will do a review series on a different lingerie brand, perhaps Freya. Thank you, wonderful people who read my blog.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Cleo Neve - A Review

Review of the Cleo Neve Bra

I have own just about every Cleo bra that I have wanted to own. The only thing I still don't have is a Cleo Marcie in 28DD in a color that I actually like. However, since Cleo has discontinued the Marcie in 28D and 28DD, I cannot hope for future Cleo Marcies in my size in a good color. However, the Cleo Neve does come in a size that I can wear and comes in a bunch of colors that I like. I found this bra listed on Bratabase for only $15 and I had to buy it. 

Band Size: This bra runs small in the band. The 28DD Cleo Neve stretches out to only 27" so I got the bra in 30D instead. This one is supposed to stretch out to only 29.5" but in reality it is 30.5". Still, it is a good length for me.

Cup Size: A lot of reviews have said that this bra runs small in the cup, and it may indeed run small in the cup in larger cup letters. However, the 30D Cleo Neve runs true to size in the cup.

Cup Shape: This bra is about as perfect as it can get for me in shape. It caters to my tall roots, is moderately broad wired and moderately shallow.

Cup Spacing and Center Gore: This bra has a low gore and the correct amount of spacing in between the cups for me.

Color: I did not think I could wear coral but it is not a terrible color for me. Still though, I will be buying the Cleo Koko (a Neve clone) in a better color for me.

Straps: Straps adjust long enough for me, but I have to adjust them almost all the way to the loosest setting, which is not a good sign for people who have much longer torsos than me. I am short, and I have an average length torso for someone of my height. If you are taller than me and have an average length torso for your height, you will need to adjust the straps all the way to the loosest setting. If you're tall and have an average length torso for your height, you might be out of luck.

Verdict: This bra gets almost 100% because it fits perfectly in every way, but coral is not the best color in the world for me. I will definitely be looking out for this bra (and its clone, the Koko) in better colors for me in the future.

Friday, 4 September 2015

b.tempt'd perfectly fabulous - A Review

Review of b.tempt'd perfectly fabulous Spacer Underwire T-shirt Bra

It has been a very long time since I did my last b.tempt'd review. As you may know, b.tempt'd is one of my favorite lingerie brands ever. They basically make the matrix plus 30B - 30E. Styles are youthful and prices are affordable. Styles cater mainly to shallow, broad rooted, and far apart spaced breasts. As much as I love the b.wow'd and the sheer delight, I felt like I had to branch out at some point. I bought the perfectly fabulous in "naturally nude" in 30D to see how it goes...

Band Size: Typical for b.tempt'd. 30 band bra stretches out to 32". However, it doesn't feel too loose. It feels just right.

Cup Size: Cup size is just right.

Cup Shape: Even though the wires are not too broad (5.25"), they are really stretchy so they feel really broad like the Natori Feathers. I wish the wires were less stretchy. I felt like the top edges of the cups cut into my flesh ever so slightly. However, since it was so slight, there wasn't any visible quadboob when I put my shirt on. It wasn't uncomfortable or anything like that.

Cup Spacing and Center Gore: Typical b.tempt'd bra. Low underwires at the gore (which is good. almost all b.tempt'd bras are like this. the only notable exception is the ciao bella, which hurts my sternum) but the gore is a tad too wide. This is a great bra if your breasts are even further apart than mine.

Color: I like it. It's close enough to my skin color.

Verdict: 80% a good bra. This bra's wires are a tad too stretchy for me, and might be a tad too shallow. However, it's b.tempt'd and it's not the ciao bella so I love it anyways. Get this bra if you like the Natori feathers and want something with further apart spaced cups and less cup height.