Saturday, 30 May 2015

New Cleo Blog Series! Cleo Marcie - A Review

Review of Cleo Marcie in 30D and 28DD.

The Cleo Marcie is one of the most popular bras in the bra fitting community. Since I had good luck with the Cleo Neve Strapless in 30D, I thought I would give the Cleo Marcie a shot. I decided to buy it in both 30D and 28DD. 30D because it worked for me in the Cleo Neve Strapless, 28DD because that is my real size. I bought the Marcie in Raspberry just to test it out.

Band Size: Very loose. The 28 band bra stretch out to 30.5" and the 30 band bra stretches out to 35". Contrary to other reviewers of the Marcie, the ones I received have loose bands. I prefer the 28 band one.

Cup Size: The cups run true to size. The 30D and the 28DD both fit the same and are the right size for me.

Cup Shape: This bra is for people with average or slightly shallow shapes. The wires are slightly broad. It is very open on top and is good for people who are FOT or have tall roots. 

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: Good. The cups are about as far apart as I can stand. If they were any further apart that would be bad. The gore is 2" high in both sizes and it is about as high as I can stand. It is comfortable but if it were any taller it would not be comforable.

Color: Not for me. I personally don't feel as if the Raspberry color looks good on me.

Verdict: This would have been a 100% rated bra if it were not for the color. I will return these bras later and try to get the Cleo Marcie 28DD in Candy Pink and Aquamarine. Go for this bra if you have broad roots, average to slightly below average projection. It should get extra points if you are FOT and/or have tall roots.

Here are the photos of the bra in 30D:

And here are some photos of the bra in 28DD:

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Curvy Kate Ritzy - A Review

Review of Curvy Kate Ritzy Bra

Since I had such great luck with the Curvy Kate Soda Pop, I thought I would give the Ritzy a try. The Curvy Kate Ritzy has the same cut as the Soda Pop and I thought it would be another great colorful addition to my Curvy Kate collection. I bought the Ritzy in Ruby Spice and it is a very pretty bra for all seasons. Let's see how it holds up to my scrutiny:

Band Size: Stretchy band as usual. It is a 28 band that stretches out to 30".

Cup Size: The 28DD bra's cups run true to size.

Cup Shape: I had high hopes coming into this bra review, as the Soda Pop fit me so well. The Soda Pop is my second best fitting Curvy Kate bra ever, and the prettiest in my opinion. The cup construction for the Ritzy is almost the same as the Soda Pop...they are both half cup bras with vertical seams. However, this bra has just a tad too much projection for me. It's a great bra for people who are FOT and have average projection.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: So-so. The gore is still really high and uncomfortable. 

Verdict: I'm going to have to give this bra a 63% rating, which means it goes into the return pile. Generally I like to have bras that rate 75% or higher. This bra is good for people who are FOT, have average projection, and don't mind a pokey gore.

I would like to add that this will be the last Curvy Kate bra review I do in a long time. My plan was to try and review all of the Curvy Kate styles that I liked and then move onto another brand. This was the final Curvy Kate bra that intrigued me, so it is now time for a break from Curvy Kate and from bra reviews in general. I will still post petite fashion news on this blog, and sometime later this summer I will do a review series on a different lingerie brand. Thank you to all you wonderful people who read my blog.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Curvy Kate Moonflower Padded Plunge Bikini

Review of Curvy Kate Moonflower Padded Plunge Bikini

This is my first ever swimwear review. As I love Curvy Kate's fun, youthful designs for SS2015, I had to get my hands on their prettiest bikini of the season, the Moonflower Plunge. This is what it looks in photos online:

This is what it looks like in real life:

As you can see, I thought I was getting a pretty black bikini with nice pink trimmings and purply flower details. What I got was a black bikini with hot pink trimmings and electric blue flower details. Curvy Kate's products are such high quality and I usually like their designs, but this one just isn't for me.

Band Size: Surprisingly tight for a Curvy Kate! It is a 28 band but it stretches out to only 29". 29" is comfortably tight.

Cup Size: The 28DD bra's cups run true to size.

Cup Shape: This bra has an awful shape for me. It is too shallow at the bottoms of the cups and too projected at the tops of the cups.

Cup Spacing and Centre Gore: So-so. The gore is low as it is a plunge bra. That being said, the cups are way too far apart, even for me. 

Straps: Caution. I had to loosen the straps all the way to the loosest point in order to wear it and I am short. If you are tall or have a long torso, do not get this bikini.

Verdict: This is only 50% a good bikini. it might have the lowest rating of all the things I have reviewed.